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Manly Collections crafts fine tailored suits for the successful gentlemen. Designers and co-founders, Eric Hartter and David Manly, bring a dynamic methodology in men’s suits by pairing classic Italian cloth and European tailoring techniques with modern innovation. Our partnership with award winning Italian mills allows us to provide our clients with a very classic and long lasting look while enabling them to exhibit cutting edge styles in the world of fashion.

In addition, Manly Collections partners with a U.S. shirt manufacturer who has been in the made-to-measure business for nearly a century. Manly Collections sources fabrics from the finest mills around the world, which allows us to offer a selection of close to 1,000 oxfords, broadcloth’s, twills, and jacquards amongst others. From individually drafted patterns, hand sewn shirts, and high stich count single needle closures, our shirts satisfy the most discerning customers.

As always, our expert stylists carefully catch the balance of your figure to craft the perfect fit. Manly Collections has stylists in Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte, and Iowa City. If you are not in one of those markets, we still want to hear from you! Manly Collections will be conducting Trunk Shows nationwide and we will reach out when we are in your neck of the woods. Setup your appointment today and checkout our site and social media channels for our SS17 line!


Tailoring Defines Success
Eric Hartter
Eric Hartter
CEO & Co-Founder
Eric’s candid guidance paired with his transparent nature allows Manly Collections to deliver a premiere product at an unbelievable price point.
David Manly
David Manly
Co-Founder & Designer
David envisioned a line that speaks volumes to the character and style of the successful gentleman.


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